Terms & Conditions

All Pitter Patter Onsite Classes and Pitter Patter Recreational Classes may be referred to as ‘Class’ or ‘Classes’ in the following Terms and Conditions. ‘Client’ refers to the person responsible for either a party booking or apparel purchase made with Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.



1.1 Enrolling in a Pitter Patter Class secures a booking for the whole term. Enrolments are carried over each term, reserving a student’s spot. Notice of withdrawal must be given if a student is not returning to classes for any subsequent terms or full fees will be charged for that term.

1.2 Fees are on a per term basis and payment is expected by the date due as shown on the invoice.

1.3 Early withdrawal from classes during the term may be considered, subject to written notification from the guardian of the child, only at the discretion of Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. There is a minimum one week’s notice required where applications are successful.

1.4 Late payment constitutes default under this agreement and Pitter Patter Dance Ltd may withdraw students from classes at their discretion. Additional administration fees, collection agent and collection costs may be charged to overdue accounts.

1.5 Our timetable is subject to change at any time. All public holidays are observed. Pitter Patter Dance Ltd classes run during term time and coincide with the New Zealand primary school term which generally consists of around ten weeks. Our term fees are on a pro-rata basis, meaning that only the amount of classes offered in the term are charged for.

1.6 Pitter Patter Dance Ltd fees are subject to change at any time and are reviewed annually. At least 2 months’ notice will be given prior to any fee change. Fees include GST.

1.7 Parents / Guardians are responsible for attendance. No refunds, discount or make up lesson will be offered in the case of a student missing a scheduled class. In the case of a teacher being unwell or unable to teach a class, every effort will be made to find a replacement. If no replacement can be found, a make-up lesson will be offered where possible. If neither of these options is possible, a credit towards the following term for that missed class will be offered.



2.1 You consent to your child participating in classes run by Pitter Patter Dance Ltd and that when you are not present you consent to your child being under the care of Pitter Patter Dance Ltd instructors. Pitter Patter Dance Ltd students are under supervision during class only and while we aim to provide a safe environment, instructors and staff cannot be responsible for students outside of allocated class times.

2.2 Pitter Patter Dance Ltd aims to provide a safe learning environment to reduce risk of injury. Students and caregivers should recognise that dance does incorporate a certain level of risk. Pitter Patter Dance Ltd is not liable for any personal injury sustained or loss of property while attending classes. Pitter Patter Dance Ltd provide qualified and / or experienced teachers who actively promote safe teaching practices and are provided with our Health and Safety regulations.

2.3 To ensure a student’s wellbeing during classes with Pitter Patter Dance Ltd, medical information must be supplied in the case of any allergies or physical, learning or mental disability.

2.4 Physical contact with students may occasionally be necessary by instructors while teaching them correct body placement for dance technique. Any concerns should be discussed with Pitter Patter Dance Ltd prior to class commencement.

2.5 In the event of an emergency, where a parent / guardian is not present, all effort will be made to contact the caregiver nominated on the registration form. If contact is unsuccessful, this agreement allows Pitter Patter Dance Ltd to take all necessary steps for the proper care and treatment of the student, including, but not limited to seeking professional medical help, taking the student to hospital and in a worst case scenario, authorizing general anaesthetic.

2.6 Online Classes: When participating in any exercise or dance programme, there is a possibility of physical injury. If you engage in any of our online choreographed routines or training videos, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Pitter Patter Dance Ltd from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Pitter Patter Dance Ltd negligence.

2.7 Health & Safety Policy document: You can view our full Health & Safety Policy here, and for Covid-19 info and updates, please visit Our Covid-19 Response page.



3.1 Occasionally Pitter Patter Dance Ltd may record your child’s image via video or still camera. This agreement allows Pitter Patter Dance Ltd to use those images for promotional or training purposes. All effort will be made by Pitter Patter Dance Ltd to seek written permission for marketing purposes. Any concerns should be raised at the time of enrolment and objections should be made in writing.

3.2 Personal details supplied at the time of enrolment will not be shared to any third party without your written consent, except when payments are overdue and a third party may be brought in to seek payment as per clause 1.4

3.3 Social Media Policy: We take the privacy of our wee dancers very seriously and request that permission is sought from all other parents in attendance, in any child’s class by the filming parent, prior to posting any image via video or still camera on any public forum including, but not limited to; FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. While Pitter Patter will make every effort to encourage this policy, Pitter Patter Dance Ltd takes no responsibility for images shared by members / students / parents filmed during classes or parties with Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.



4.1 Safety: All Pitter Patter Parties Ltd staff and instructors will adhere to the guidelines set out in clause 2 at any party booked with Pitter Patter Parties Ltd. At least one responsible adult, in addition to the instructor must be present for the duration of the booking. We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if our instructor feels that the guests are not responding appropriately or may ask that a guardian removes an individual guest if they become too riotous and the instructor deems their actions unsafe.

4.2 Deposits, payments and cancellations: A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm any bookings made with Pitter Patter Parties Ltd. Full payment is required 7 days prior to the booking. If the booking is cancelled with no less than 21 days’ notice, a refund of any balance paid beyond the non-refundable deposit is offered. Bookings changed or cancelled within 3 days of the booking with no postponement date will result in the loss of 50% of the fee. Where Pitter Patter Parties Ltd are responsible for the cancellation of your booking due to violent weather, injury or illness, 100% of any payments made for your booking will be refunded unless we are able to agree on a postponement date.

4.3 Travel: All of our packages are quoted based on parties booked within city limits. Additional travel fees may be applied for bookings further out and will be advised prior to booking confirmation. If however, your booking location changes after the booking had been confirmed, Pitter Patter Parties Ltd reserves the right to add an additional travel fee should it be required.

4.4 Dress Ups, Props, Gifts and Goodie Bags: Packages available with party bookings refer to the hire of our dress ups and props for the duration of the session. Any damage to property supplied by Pitter Patter Parties Ltd is the responsibility of the client and remuneration may be sought for this. Gifts and Goodie Bags supplied by Pitter Patter Parties Ltd will not ever include food, but may include items containing ingredients like glue, flashing lights or ink. Any allergies or medical conditions that may be affected by these must be advised at the time of booking as per clause 2.3. The ‘Candy Rescue’ theme includes a lolly scramble with wrapped candy. Pitter Patter Parties Ltd will advise any client of this when this theme is booked.



5.1 Payments: When an order is made via Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd (‘order’), the client accepts to pay in full for the items ordered at the time the order is made.

5.2 Deliveries: Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd delivers to almost anywhere in New Zealand by courier. However, overseas orders will be accepted where the delivery address is in New Zealand. Orders may take up to 20 working days for delivery. If Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd is not able to deliver to the address supplied at the time of the order, they will notify the client as soon as possible and if an alternate address cannot be supplied, a full refund will be offered. Delivery fees are subject to change and any additional fees, for instance to rural areas, will be advised to the client upon confirmation of the order. The risk of any loss of, or damage to, will pass to the client upon delivery of the order.

5.3 Back orders, Refunds and Returns: If there is likely to be a significant delay beyond the 20 working days detailed in 5.2 or items ordered are put on backorder, Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd will notify the client in which case, the client may be able to cancel the order (or any part of it) and will receive a full refund in respect of those items. Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd will not otherwise be responsible to the client for any damages or costs incurred by the client due to the order not being fulfilled or delivered within the anticipated time. If the client is not satisfied with an order or it does not comply with the product description on this site, Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd will offer an exchange for orders over $30NZD, if contact is made by the client within 30 days of receipt of the order to [email protected], provided that they are returned in their original condition, with the exclusion of some items, as stated on the specific item pages of this website. If there is a fault with the purchased product, Pitter Patter Apparel Ltd will offer a full refund of the purchase price, if contact is made by the client within 30 days of receipt of the order to [email protected], provided that they are returned in their original condition.