Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. brings the opportunity to learn dance to all children aged from 2 – 13 years, in recreation classes, preschools, after school care, holiday programmes and even parties, along with providing excellent quality dance apparel for every budding wee dancer.

We allow children to go at their own pace in an encouraging, nurturing and professional environment and work in closely with parents to ensure that our wee dancers get the most out of their dancing experience, while learning a variety of dance techniques and genres. We believe in inclusive teaching and cater to all children, regardless of their level of skill, confidence or physical ability and parents are welcome to either watch or participate along with their child.

We Focus On What We Call "The 7 C's". They Are:

the Midline
Calculating Space
(Spacial Awareness)

This is designed to not only give children an excellent foundation for dance, but to also aid their natural physical and cognitive development and prepare them for school. You are welcome to attend a trial lesson and you can start our classes at any time, even if it’s the last week of the year, so call or Register today!

The Directors

Emily & Sarah

Pitter Patter was established in 2012 after Emily Taylor saw a need for a dance company that offered classes with an emphasis on warmth, family involvement and childhood development. As the years progressed and the business grew, the decision to expand Pitter Patter was made clear with the addition of Sarah Ching to the team in 2017.

As business partners, Emily’s creative drive and 25 year industry experience and Sarah’s tenacity for business development, Pitter Patter became a collaborative powerhouse. They give Pitter Patter, as a brand, the love, drive and determination to bring their philosophy, entertainment and products to families all over New Zealand.

“Our passion to have Pitter Patter become a household name and to giving 100% to our customers, families and clients drives us daily. We thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, creating a healthy, fun and collaborative environment which we believe is a direct reflection on the company as a whole.” – Emily and Sarah